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Every family it seems has been touched in some way by a family member who has fallen or has difficulty ambulating. Because it has had profound affects on my own family, that is precisely why we have created The Better Balance of North Dakota center. Our objective is to reach as many in our community as possible BEFORE a devastating fall occurs.

--Balance assessments to determine *at risk* individuals
--Videonystagmography (VNG) testing to determine which area of your balance system is affected
--Balance/VNG diagnostic tests to determine your unique physical therapy treatment plan
Intermediate/Post testing to determine patient progress

Balance and Dizziness are NOT simply an aspect of the aging process. Medically we know your balance (vestibular) system can function at a very high level well into your order years. Our approach is based upon a simple balance screening assessment which should be done annually after the age of 55, followed by an objective diagnostic test for those who are *at-risk*. This creates a very specific exercise pathway based entirely on your test results. A one-on-one treatment plan that is totally unique to each individual.

Fall and Risk Assessments

Rarely do you see a pro-active concept in health care today, our entire medical model is based upon a REACTIVE thought process, meaning you only take action AFTER an illness or accident has occurred. By incorporating a specific exercise/diet or re-training healthcare approach we can RE-train your body to increase your vestibular functioning and therefore decrease your fall risk.

Better Balance of North Dakota has well established relationships with balance experts such as PRO REHAB. We will work tirelessly to reduce your potential for a fall leading to possible surgical intervention or even head/ brain trauma, leaving you with possible lifelong problems and difficulties.

Do yourself and your family members a huge favor and call today for a simple balance assessment to determine your risk level. Each test is height, weight, age and gender specific.

Remember your first fall could be your last, the #1 cause of emergency room visits are due to FALLS and Fall related problems, outweighing heart disease and cancer combined.

VNG Testing

Better Balance of North Dakota uses the latest videonystagmography (pronounced video-ny-stag-mo-graphy), also known as "VNG" technology and testing to find the affected component of balance disorders. Many such disorders can be treated and corrected within weeks. VNG testing is considered the gold standard of vestibular pathology.

--Health care specialists trained to understand dizziness & vertigo problems
--Technicians trained to perform the most accurate diagnostic tests in todays market
--Physical therapists with a vast background in properly creating and implementing the proper exercise protocols to meet each patients needs

Fall and Balance Diagnostics

Better Balance of North Dakota can identify and effectively treat patients with balance disorders and improve their quality of life. Common conditions associated with balance disorders include: BBPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (cupulolithiasis, canalithiasis) labrynthitis, vestibular neuronitis, Meniere's disease and more. Please contact us for more information.


Better Balance of North Dakota

Admin contact:
Skip Frappier
Ph: 701-238-3170

For appointments call:
Pro Rehab, Physical Therapy Clinic
1711 Gold Drive, #120, Fargo, ND 58103

Call for appointment: 701-451-9417

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