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THE CONCUSSION CRISIS... AND YOU Concussion Brochure Cover

Most studies indicate proper diagnosis is best indicator for positive outcomes vs. the degree of the head injury. Yes, patients with post traumatic dizziness are a challenging group often due to cognitive deficits; however with teamwork amongst our medical community and physical therapists, the majority of people can return to a full and active life.

Call Better Balance of North Dakota today to learn more about what a Fall and Balance Program can do for you, your clinic and your community. The concussion epidemic -and its awareness- must be among the main communication points of your practice’s marketing. Your community -and your practice- will benefit from having this technology installed in your office. “There’s HELP!” That should be the mission statement of ANY medical practice who is adding fall and balance technology.

Finally, after several years, a pending lawsuit was settled for $780 million dollars, giving credibility to many former and some current NFL players who have suffered through the myriad of problems that stem directly from a CHI (closed head injury) or TBI (traumatic brain injury).

CHI and TBI is not only more common today, they have shown an astounding 500% increase among high school athletes in the last decade. Annually, 5 in EVERY 100 persons will experience a head trauma leading to an estimated 40 BILLION dollars spent annually in treating this epidemic. It is now the second most common neurologic disorder.

Most shockingly current researchers have calculated a 12-18% reduction in life expectancy when an individual suffers from a TBI related injury prior to the age 20, which in turns to a reduction in life expectancy of 7-9 YEARS.

Concussion | An immediate acceleration/deceleration or stopping event causing temporary or permanent damage to the structures of the head.

Symptoms | Disorientation, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, loss of coordination and concentration, amnesia and even loss of consciousness

Brain trauma is not always the case of a concussion; the other structures within the head are considerably more sensitive and easily damaged for example the vestibular system. Evidence indicates a large portion of concussions are actually damages done to the vestibular system.

Vestibular System (Inner Ear)
Cerebral (Brain)
Combination of both (Vestibular and Cerebral)

Minor trauma of the head, neck and craniocervical junctions can have a major impact on the vestibular system at different sites. Proper evaluation and diagnosis are VITAL and need to be done carefully even if the onset of vertigo occurs weeks, months or even YEARS after the initial trauma.

Most concussions with vertigo have 4 diagnostic categories:
BPPV – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
PTMAD – Post Traumatic Migraine Associated Dizziness
PTEID – Post Traumatic Exercise Induced Dizziness
PTSD – Post Traumatic Spatial Disorientation

Action plans must include proper examination and diagnosis followed by a specifically designed physical therapy program. When done properly and consistently, improvements are shown in overall functional increases averaging 84+%. It is estimated 3.5 million US citizens are living with long term or life-long TBI related disabilities.



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