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Better Balance of ND was actually a joint effort between myself and two long-time friends who come from a competitive childhood like most of us in the Midwest. We had been discussing the opportunities when the "Ah ha!" moment came. It began as a casual conversation with a college classmate whose mom had suddenly started having dizziness and balance problems, then as we proceeded to go around the table most every one of us had had a family member or close friend who was going through the same struggles.

What came from that conversation was the realization that:

  1. Most people who suffer from balance/vertigo problems have no idea who to call or where to even begin looking for help or resources.
  2. Most sufferers just consider it a natural part of getting older
  3. Most health care providers are also at a loss as of what is a proper course of treatment.
  4. It can be frustrating and devastating to live in fear – a fall related fear.

I have worked in health care for over 20 years most of that time has been spent building and creating physical/occupational therapy programs to help clinicians treat and strengthen patients along their path to a healthier and more active life. As an engineer, I was able to not only understand the biomechanics of movement, but also how to apply that to creating basic equipment to fit those needs. This time spent in health care has been rewarding and also frustrating at times.

In my opinion, our health care system is "reactionary based", which means we typically only think about our health AFTER something has happened to bring it to our consciousness. It is now our mission to create a PRO-ACTIVE program that starts with a simple premise. CALL BEFORE YOU FALL!

--Skip Frappier, Principal/Founder

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Better Balance of North Dakota

Admin contact:
Skip Frappier
Ph: 701-238-3170

For appointments call:
Pro Rehab, Physical Therapy Clinic
1711 Gold Drive, #120, Fargo, ND 58103

Call for appointment: 701-451-9417

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